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The public sector strike, that threatened London’s travel routes, especially airports, with prospective chaos and gridlock, witnessed efficient management on airport authorities’ part through better services.

The strike was threatening to affect all the travel routes and especially Heathrow, was expecting delay and postponement of the flights, but the travelers were not just comfortable but happier at the special facilities and conveniences that they received in the expected time of crisis.

After a span of almost 30 years, a huge mass protest, witnessed workers of public sector, like teachers, hospital staff, and border officials, showing placards and their opinions against the increasing recession, affecting people’s pensions also. This strike made airport authorities to believe that they would face an almost 12 hours delay in flights and would have to fly with only half filled flights, to evade chaos. But the passengers were contented with the arrangements on the airport and spoke in favor of Heathrow terminals.

A 42 year old passenger, Debbie Arnell said, that the passport control seemed to be having more staff than usual, on the aforesaid day. She included that the airport authorities were also giving free drinks and fruits, which is not a usual routine, as if “they have over compensated”. Another passenger, 45 year old Richard Bunkham, agreed with Debbie’s assessment, and said, that the queues at passport control were almost negligible, which was implicitly, “better than usual”.

Though the airport authorities had something additional to say as well. The Heathrow and Gatwick airport claimed that though the services were almost unaffected by the day’s strike, there were a few inbound transatlantic cancellations to the Heathrow airport, early in the morning, and they are still expecting a chaos or disturbance in the day, later. Both Gatwick and Heathrow recorded timely departures and arrivals of their carriers.

Contrary to Heathrow’s normal routines, the North East England, faced difficult situations as, the RMT transport union reported that due to strike, they witnessed “a total shutdown of key transport services”. Some major roads and bridges were also jammed, like A167 Tyne Bridge.

The Eurostar, a high speed tunnel train service, informed their Paris and Brussels’ passengers to reach their departing destinations before time to avoid delays. But most of the UK airlines were problem free, as the Luton, Bedfordshire and Stansted airports functioned normally and reports from Manchester airport also informed no cancellations.

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