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Honeymoon Destinations Australia

Australia is one of the most popular world honeymoon destinations. The island continent is rich in natural beauty, exotic locales, culture, tradition and heritage. Though the continent has everything deep forests, coral reefs, dangerous mountain stretches and deserts, interestingly, most Australians have a propensity for urbanization and prefer to live in coastal areas. There is so much to see and do in Australia. Rich in biodiversity, Australia though urbanized is a honeymooners’ paradise.


Before you plan an Australian honeymoon it is extremely important to decide what you and your spouse want to see and do. Because unless you plan, it’ll be difficult to manage your tour! Afterall you have to choose from a wide range of options: do you want to explore Aboriginal Australia, see the top destinations, visit a specific city or indulge in adventure.

Iconic Australian honeymoon and tour destinations include:

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

This amazing geographical wonder is the world’s largest coral reef system! The landmark is even visible from space. The Marina Park is paradise and a must visit for nature lovers.

Great Ocean Road in Victoria

This magical stretch passes through some of the most panoramic rainforest areas in south west Victoria. A sort of lovers paradise. Imagine driving down this spectacular road with your beloved on your side.

Kangaroo Island near Adelaide

This island wildlife reserve has a historic heritage. This was the first free settlement in Australia. Explore Penguin colonies, meet koalas, and watch exotic fish.

Byron Bay in New South Wales

Is exotic beach country! Just perfect for newly weds.

Flinders Ranges

Set out on exciting treks on the largest mountain range in Southern Australia. The Arakoola Wilderness Sanctuary is sheer magic. Spectacular landscape, mysterious waterholes and magical gorges are just a few exciting things to explore. Enjoy quick dips in the Outback Thermal Springs and explore unimaginable natural beauty where the outback meets the ocean.