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Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

Greece is synonymous with romance. We must have read innumerable novels that speak of Greek gods, goddesses, love, romance and holiday. The romantic picture is not just a figment of authors’ imagination but the truth! Contemporary Greece though modernized still reflects the glorious Hellenic heritage. The country has 16 international airports and is well connected to almost all parts of the world.

A great destination for couples on a honeymoon, Greece has a lot to offer in terms of exotic adventure and historic tours. The archipelago of more than 2000 islands is segregated into three main geographic regions. Huge mountainous tracts and a l6,000 kilometer coastline offers innumerable opportunities for holidaymakers.

Top honeymoon Destinations in Greece


Fondly referred to as, ‘the historical capital of Europe’, Athens is among the top tour destinations in Greece. A significant section of the historic city has been designated as ‘Pedestrian zone’.  See the Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, Dionysos theater, and the Stoa of Eumenes.

The Acropolis Museum, Areios Pagos, Ancient Agora, and the archealogical site near Iridanos River are some of the top tour destinations in the area.


This is yet another favorite with newly weds. The fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is known for its exotic natural heritage; lakes, gorges, mountains, beaches and meadows!

Thessaloniki, , Patras, Heraklion, and Volos are the ‘Olympic’ cities that attract enthusiasts, scholars and tourist from across the world.


Enjoy sixteenth century windmills; explore beauty of beaches like Paradise Beach, Paraga Beach and enjoy different fun activities like swimming, diving and more.



 ‘The island of roses’ attracts newly married couples from across the world.
The above mentioned are just a few destinations. To get a complete guide contact us today!