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Honeymoon Destination in Malaysia

Malaysia they say is a “storehouse of romantic island hideaways!” Malaysian Islands are famous the world over for their romantic charm and unparalleled natural beauty. Couples bond as gorgeous sands, sun and the sea chaperone!

There are quite a few island resorts in different parts of Malaysia. Top honeymoon destinations include:

Pulau Mataking

The island is known for its pure white sandy stretches. It also happens to be a ‘divers’ paradise!’ The Underwater Post Office is a great favorite with tourists. Explore the lovely Coral gardens, Eel garden and the famous Turtle Playground. Set out on jungle treks or enjoy canoeing on deep blue seas. Enjoy natural spas and watch local artists work traditional batik patterns on cloth.

Pulau Lankayan

The exotic Lankayan Island has been declared as ‘Marine Protected Area’. The tranquil island is perfect for the peace loving. It also happens to be the nesting area for sea turtles. A large portion of the island is unpopulated and covered with dense forests. Just the thing for those with a fetish for jungle treks.



Pulau Pom Pom

Enjoy speed boat rides, luxury beach walks, candlelight dinners and peace on your tour to the beautiful Pom Pom island. The local resorts offer rejuvenating spa facilities, absolutely perfect for couples on a holiday.

Pulau Tinggi

The island is covered with a carpet of dense tropical vegetation. Enjoy boating, scuba diving, underwater marine life and snorkeling. This attractive island gets its name from a high hill that rises upto two thousand feet above the sea level.

Pulau Mabul

The beautiful island is known for its beautiful coral gardens. The local fishermen’s villages are a store house of fun and cultural color. The island has a number of water diving resorts.

The above mentioned are just a few destinations among the lovely islands in Malaysia. Get in touch with Travour ( ) for best honeymoon package deals and tour booking.