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Honeymoon Destinations in Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the largest islands on the Indian Ocean. As a part of Africa, Most of this island is covered with huge trees but not like the Amazon rain forest. The variation of flora and fauna in this place and its less humid environment passes it as a desired honeymoon destination. From enjoying luxury accommodation to engaging in adventure sports, honeymooning couples can indulge themselves at an affordable price.

Places to visit:
Ranomafana National Park- This wildlife sanctuary is located near southeastern region of Madagascar. The forest in here is dense and you will be surprised to find scenic streams and splashes all around the corners of this park. This is the home of rare animals such as- golden bamboo lemur etc.
Andasibe-Mantadia- This is another national park of Madagascar. It covers more than 100 miles of land in eastern Madagascar and plays host to multiple rare animals and species. Country’s largest lemur, the Indri lives in here. It is located in Antananarivo, which is the capital city of Madagascar and offers a lot of entertainment options to honeymooning clients.
Ifaty- Ifaty is actually two fishing villages that are popular for their scenic beauty and life style. This place has a 60-mile long coral reef, which subdues harsh waves and creates a calm water body for fishing. You will find baobab trees in here, which are strangely shaped to survive in the environment.
Nosy Be- This is another tourist spot particularly popular among honeymooners. Beach in here is not picture perfect, but the rustic sense in the environment and the decoration makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world.
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