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Christmas Celebration in Europe

If you are planning to visit Europe, wait till Christmas. The entire Europe looks grander during Christmas and New Year. Different parts of Europe have their own unique way of celebrating the festival.

Germany don’t have Christmas
Germans celebrate Weihnacthen, the festival is known as Christmas in other countries. Christmas tree holds the greatest importance in German Christmas celebration. It is also called the tree of life. All households have this tree during the festival.

Christmas in Netherlands
Christmas in Netherlands begins on December 5, also known as Saint Nicholas Eve. People decorate their houses with lights, tinsels, Christmas trees and other items. Besides getting gifts, people also indulge in lavish dinner on the St. Nicholas Eve. Christmas Day is more formal and religious with church services and concerts.

Christmas in Italy
How can you miss Italy, the birthplace of Christmas, on your tour to Europe? Besides all the decorations, you can also find nativity scenery infront of almost all households. In Italy, Epiphany (January 6 ) is celebrated in grander way than the Christmas Day. But why should you complain when you get a longer period to celebrate the festival.

Christmas in other European countries as well is celebrated with equal grand and pomp. You can take the tour of the entire continent during this festive season to experience different traditions.