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New Year

Do something different this New Year! Travel to some of the most exciting destinations across the world. You can plan a long holiday, club Christmas and New Year and have a blast!

You can travel to the colourful Mexico City and participate in the many public fiestas that mark X Mas and New celebrations.  Or even better, book a trip to the Bahamas! The capital Nassau comes alive with Christmas parades, feasts and parties; and the party goes on till New Year. Amsterdam is yet another popular winter holiday destination. The entire city is decorated with creative LED lights and the open air Christmas Markets sell almost every goodie you can conceive of. Alaska is where you experience the true spirit of New Year replete with snowmen, Santa’s quarters and loads of fun!

For those interested in adventure, skiing trips to Alpine destinations is a great option. And not a single option mentioned above is unnecessarily expensive. In fact you can easily book an affordable yet enjoyable vacation with