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Cheap Beach Vacations

Sometimes we are short on money and can’t afford much for leisure activities like vacationing on a beach. Don’t get disheartened, you can still take your family on a holiday trip. Not all beach vacation burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some cheap beach vacations around the world.

Patara, Turkey

Patara is spread over a vast area. Vacation on this beach is far more affordable than other beaches. You can easily find affordable resorts for your stay. Apart from having fun on the beach, you can also go for sightseeing around the city. It has many historical sites.

Alghero, Italy

This Italian town has number of fine beaches having their own characteristics. Tourists on tight budget opt for camping and tenting. Besides these easy accommodation options, you can also book a cheap hotel at Costa Esmeralda.

Tulum, Mexico

It is a popular budget vacation. White sandy beaches and ruins of Mayan civilisation are major attractions in Tulum. It has many affordable places to dine and stay at. You can book a room at as low as $ 60 per night. Some of the restaurants on Main Street provide good quality food at affordable price.

You can also check out Outer Banks (North Carolina), Negril (Jamaica), Placencia (Belize), Destin (Florida) and Cannon Beach (Oregon). These places provide great vacation experience at affordable price.