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abercrombie and kent cruises

 Abercrombie and Kent Cruise lines will change the notion of vacation for you. The experience that you will get when you cruise along to your favorite vacation destination will be worth your money. You can choose to travel alone or taken your family and friends along with you. For couples, who want to go for a romantic vacation or for newlyweds who are planning their honeymoon, Abercrombie and Kent cruises can make their wish come true. You will get opportunities to explore areas with insider access which you have never experienced before.

Adventure Cruises

To experience nature’s unspoiled wildlife from a close proximity, take a trip on an adventure cruise. You will get a personalized service and enjoy the luxury and comfort of the cruise. To reach the remotest shores or coves, you will have the Zodiac auxiliary craft which is a rubber raft. The ships which will take you for adventure cruises include 'Le Boreal', ‘L’Austral’ and ‘Clipper Odyssey’. ‘Sea Cloud’ and ‘Sea Cloud II’ are private sailing yachts. Some of the trips that you can choose from include:

·         Classic Antarctica

·         Arctic Cruise Norway: Polar Bears & Midnight Sun

·         Arctic Cruise Adventure: Norway, Greenland & Iceland

·         Mediterranean Odyssey Aboard ‘L’Austral’

·         Discover Japan with A&K's Geoffrey Kent on Board 'Clipper Odyssey'

Luxury Small Group Journeys

If you do not want to travel with a large group, you can take these small luxury group journeys. You will get guided tours by local experts, insider access to places which are not within the reach of general tourists. The ship Eclipse will take you to different luxury tours which include Wonders of Peru & the Galápagos and Wonders of the Galápagos.

You can also go for canal and river cruising and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable journey. River cruising can help you to explore Europe in style. So, get onboard Abercrombie and Kent Cruises and have a memorable vacation of your lifetime.