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Amadeus Waterways Cruises

‘Amadeus Waterways Cruises’ is one of the most popular cruise lines which offer luxurious vessels, top-notch facilities and world-class services to their guests. If you are planning for a cruise vacation, Amadeus can be the best option for you.

Cruise Destinations
Amadeus Waterways Cruises mainly cover the destinations like Russia, Europe and Egypt. In Russia, tourists can enjoy their travel through the ‘Lake Onega’ - the second largest lake of the country, and the popular freshwater lake named ‘Lake Ladoga’. They can also visit the well-known city Saint Petersburg as well as the busy town of Moscow. The beautiful continent Europe boasts of having a number of tourist attractions, and the Amadeus cruises allow travelers to visit almost all of them. From the historical monuments and forts located in Vienna, Holland, Prague, etc. to the Rivers like Danube and Rhine, each and everything is covered by these cruises. Tourists can also choose Egypt as their holiday destination and make their experience the most enjoyable one by visiting the agricultural town Kom Ombo, traditional Sobek’s Temples, the ‘High Dam’ in the city of Aswan, and so on.

Cruises Fleet
Amadeus cruise line has a total of three ships named ‘MS Tolstoy’, ‘MS Amalegro’ and ‘MS Amadagio’.  MS Tolstoy is the oldest as well as the most luxurious cruise with an accommodation capacity of up to 160 people. It covers only the Russian waterways. On the other hand, MS Amalegro and MS Amadagio are comparatively newer than the MS Tolstoy. These are equipped with contemporary facilities and are capable of accommodating around 150 visitors.

Cruise Amenities
Amadeus cruises offer world-class amenities to their guests. Some of them include spacious rooms with televisions and computers, large cabins with cozy sitting as well as sleeping arrangements, French balconies, bicycles, beauty salons, fitness and massage centers, bars and lounges, delicious cuisine, etc.

Amadeus Waterways Cruises also come up with special offers for worldwide travelers from time to time. Grab any of them and enjoy the luxury cruising within your budget.