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American Canadian Caribbean Cruise Line

American Canadian Caribbean Cruise Line has a fleet of small ships that help tourists to travel the less travelled places where large vessels couldn’t enter. This is mainly required when passengers of big ships wish to explore places where these large vessels are not accessible. Comparatively smaller cruisers wait for these passengers and let them explore through narrow passages of water ways where spectacular natural beauties await for them. American Canadian Caribbean cruise line is equipped with all the facilities galore that can satisfy their guests at the best.

Most notable places that are explored by these cruisers are Caribbean islands including Jamaica, Antigua etc. The southern and Central American destinations include Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Great Lake Canals, American Gulf, and so on. The small Yachts also sail over the Great Lakes, Hudson River, Lake Michigan Getaway, and Erie River as well. The ships also cover destinations including Intercostal, Bays, North Eastern and Canadian Maritime.

There are three fleets under the tag of the American Canadian Caribbean Line. The Niagara Prince can carry 80 passengers at a time and there are around 40 cabins to accommodate these people. The Grand Mariner has 50 cabins and can accommodate 100 people. Finally the Grand Caribe is just the same as the Grand Mariner. The American Canadian Caribbean Line offers customized vacation packages at convenient rates.