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American Cruise Lines

American Cruise Lines provide exclusive cruising experience along inland waterways as well as rivers of US. With over one hundred and fifty visitors on board, the cruise lines offer port of call facilities and other world class guest services.

Tourist Destinations
Book American cruise line to reach thirteen fascinating locations that include Florida, New England Islands, Chesapeake Bay, Historic South and Golden Isles, Maine, Hudson River, Pacific Northwest, Mississippi River, Columbia & Snake River, Puget Sound and San Juan Island.

Popular American Cruise Lines:

  1. American Glory
    Capacity: 49 Passengers   on board
  2. Queen of the West
    Capacity: 120 Passengers on board
  3. American Spirit
    Capacity: 100 Passengers
  4. American Star
    Capacity: 100 Passengers
  5. Independence,
    Capacity: 104 Passengers

For comfortable stay, these cruise lines offer staterooms as well as exclusive suites along with sliding doors, cozy beds, state of the art bathroom and private balconies. Wi-Fi connection, satellite television, DVDs, coffer brewers, bottled water, dry cleaners, refrigerators and other in room facilities are available.

Amenities offered by American Cruise Lines
American Cruise Lines allow you to get comfortable accommodation. On-board amenities include spacious rooms, spa, shops, restaurants, indoor swilling pool, library, cinema halls, clubs and the like. You can even hit the disco or casino and make your nights on board fabulous. Few cruise lines also have golf courses, video arcades, ice skating zone, tennis courts so that their visitors can get involved with sports activities.

Enjoy your journey on American Cruise Line. Take back home memories that you will cherish for the lifetime.