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Routes and facilities of American Safari cruises

Joining a land safari is exciting but hectic. Plus, there are chances of mismanagement in transport. However, safari cruises take the complication out of the equation and offer you a time to relax and enjoy your stay on the sea. American safari cruises are attracting the attention of passionate tourists because of their facilities, treatment, and maximum opportunity to encounter the wild life.

Cruise Routes:

  • Juneau to Sitka- This is an 8 day 7 nights cruise.
  • Juneau to Prince Rupert- It is a 9 day cruise.
  • Juneau to St Petersburg- It is an 8 day 7 nights cruise.
  • Seattle to Juneau- This two-way trip has the duration of 14 days.
  • Columbia and Snake River- These routes are few of the most favourite packages for tour lovers.

Cruise Names:
The Safari Spirit, The Safari Quest, The Safari Escape, Safari Explorer etc.


  • Luxurious beds
  • Security arrangement
  • Land excursions
  • On deck entertainment facilities
  • Private bath
  • Travel insurance
  • Three star accommodation facilities
  • Easy transport options
  • Professional guidance in every trip

The warm homely care of this cruise line and the facilities offered to the passionate travellers ensure satisfactory stay.