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Routes and facilities of Avalon waterways Cruises

If you are looking for a unique experience in cruise travel then your best option is to go for Avalon waterway cruises. The choice of routes, the scenic beauty along the way, and the packages make tourists feel relaxed and satisfied. This cruise line allows you to have some great memories of travel on the sea.

Cruise Routes:

  • Europe – In Europe, this cruise line goes through rivers like- Danube, Black Sea, Rhine, Moselle etc. The land excursions include trips to beautiful cities like- Serbia, Austria, Belgium, Holland etc.
  • Egypt – In Egypt, tourists enjoy the scenic view of River Nile. Cities and provinces on shore of the river fall in the excursion list.
  • China – In China, the beauty of Yangtze River is explored during the trip.

Cruise Names:
Avalon Tapestry, Avalon Artistry, Avalon Imagery, Victoria Anna, Royal Lotus, Avalon Poetry, Victoria Katarina, Avalon Tranquillity etc.


  • Hair Saloon
  • Television sets and computers
  • Jacuzzis and private baths
  • On deck entertainment
  • In room maintenance facilities
  • lounge bars
  • Fitness centre
  • Food options include- cookies, brewed coffee, red and white wines, sandwiches etc
  • Dining options

Aside from the scenic route of travel, special treatment and amenities, the packages of this cruise line offer an affordable and luxurious vacation to the passionate tourists.