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Route and facilities of Carnival cruises

Carnival Cruises is a popular name in the world of cruise tourism. Offering quality cruising vacations is the primary purpose of this company. The amenities, hospitality management, packages and everything else related to this cruise line is designed to fulfil that only purpose. Scenic routes and land excursions make this ship line better than others do.

Cruise Routes:

  • Alaska– Tourists love to enjoy the beauty of Glacier Bay. Humpback Whales and other rare marine creatures lighten the mood and make people feel a connection with the wilderness.
  • Bahamas– Water around the Bahamas is see through and the land excursion to tropical beaches offer a great opportunity to the tourists to indulge and relax.
  • Mexico – Mexico is one of the most popular cities in the world for its unique culture, cuisine, traditional events, and shopping.

Cruise Names:
Ecstasy, Imagination, Sensation, Elation, The Holiday, The Jubilee, Carnival Pride, The Carnival Conquest, Carnival triumph etc.


  • casinos
  • Spas
  • Medicine centre
  • On deck activities
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Bars
  • Fitness centre
  • Dining options
  • disco parties

3-day 8-day or 14-day trip on this cruise line offers more than any other company could.  Savings on expenses and uncompromising services are the main reasons of success of Carnival cruises.