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Baltic Cruises

Most Baltic Cruise liners offer overnight packages. Liners generally sail along the shores of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Most of these cruises operate during summer months; which happens to be the best time to go sightseeing in the Baltics. 



Most cruises take you to destinations like St. Petersburg, Tallinin,Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen.The Fjords of Norway are a great favourite with tourists. Bergen – the ‘Gateway to Fjords’ is a spectacular medieval destination. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must stop on most Baltic cruise routes.


Cruise operators on the Baltic route make sure your holiday begins the moment you set foot aboard a luxury liner. World class facilities, on board recreation and dining add to the experience. But off course you’ll only get time to enjoy these facilities if you can get your fill of the spectacular seascape! The sheer beauty of the Baltics is bound to take your breath away.

The Charm of a Baltic Cruise

As you go destination hopping from one capital city to another, you’ll be amazed to discover the admixture of cosmopolitan living and traditional cultural values. Each city has its own distinct Imperial legacy and an old world charm. The architectural heritage, music, entertainment and arts are just a few facets of Baltic culture you’ll get to experience.

Most of these cruises are primarily overnight ones. Tourists get plenty of time to de-board and visit major destinations before boarding the ship at night again. Travellers are given enough time to tour local architectural sites, cafes, and markets. Museum visits, saunas and other interesting attractions are added advantages.