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Cruises to Arabia

The very mention of Arabia conjures up images of luxurious mansions, damsels and rich sheikhs! Cruises to Arabia are all about experiencing the strong Muslim Culture that prevails in the cities in the Middle East. All cities have a rich historical legacy and what is heartening to see that all the customs and rituals are followed very strongly even today.


Top destinations include ports in Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Morocco, Oman, Syria and UAE.

A typical cruise to Arabia itinerary will, of course, offer quite the bountiful buffet for fans of history, with highlights including some of the world's most notable ancient sites. From Egypt's pyramids toJordan's lost city of Petra . It will also surprise you with its embrace, in many cases, of contemporary Western-style tourist features, such as Dubai's top luxury hotels and gorgeous beaches, and the bustling port city of Aqaba , with its outdoor cafes that almost, if not quite, evoke a scene from the South of France.

Cruises to Arabia promise more exotic adventures, too. Shopping in the Gold Souks, especially those selling gold and spices in Dubai and fabulous pashmina scarves in Muscat; visiting a local fish market in Aden; and embarking on desert safaris.

Cruises to Arabia primarily cover those countries bordering the Arabian and the Red Seas as well as the South Eastern Mediterranean. A handful of cruise ships sail to the Middle East because of the continuous spate of terrorism activities which has hit the tourism industry hard.

There are very few cruise liners that operate cruises to Arabia because of the continuous rise in terrorism activities in the recent past. However a handful of cruise liners do operate in the Middle East. The cruise liners that do operate are Discovery World Cruises and Silver Sea Cruises. For more information on world cruise destinations visit Travour.