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Cruises to Atlantic Isles

Have you ever dreamt of sailing along shore with snow capped peaks in the background? Guess what this isn’t just a dream there really are such seascapes and destinations. Set out on luxury cruises to Atlantic Isles and explore sheer natural beauty! Sail to old ports in Iceland, Loften and Greenland.

Top destinations include: Scottish Islands, Bear Island, Jan Mayen, Franz Josef Land, Spitsbergen and Faroes. Each island has its own distinctive charm and characteristic. Admire the wildlife on ice which is rarely seen around the world. Enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the calm waters as you sail along from one island to another. Take a cruise to Atlantic Isles and unwind at the hidden vistas of the sizzling Atlantic Isles. Some of the major ports of call are Southampton, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Dakar, Tenerife, Agadir and Madeira.

Get in touch with for details on great cruise package deals to the Atlantic Isles. You can choose from a number of liners that operate their fleet on this exotic sea route. There is so much to see and experience on this lovely sea route. For example when your ship berths along the breakwater in Funchal, Madeira you could hitch a ride on traditional toboggan. Ride to local parks bursting with a riot of wild blossoms!