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Hawaii Cruises

Hawaiian Cruises mostly originate and terminate in Honolulu in the island ofOahu. This is because the island is easily accessible by air.

The island of Oahu is famous for whale watching and surfing on the magnificent beaches on the North Shore to the Pearl Harbor. The island has many attractions and appeal to varied interests.

Yuletide is the best time to set sail on a Hawaiian Cruise. The best time to get good bargains is usually from the time of Thanksgiving to mid-December.

There are three options while booking a cruise to Hawaii. First is a roundtrip to Honolulu on board the only American flagged ship, the Pride of Aloha. Since it is an American flagged carrier it is permitted to sail on intra islands.

Another tour option on a Hawaiian Cruise is a longer roundtrip to Honolulu comprising of 10 nights touching on the Fanning Islands, situated in the Kirabati Republic.

The third tour option would be a roundtrip from the US, Canada or Mexico. These are 15 night packages. The ships sail from the ports of San Diego or Vancouver. There are shorter voyages as well between San Diego or Los Angeles or Vancouver and Honolulu which are one way trips. These trips are so designed to meet the American tour restrictions (the foreign flag Jones Act requirements).

Hawaiian Cruises are all about fun and adventure!