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Snorkeling In France

Exploring underwater world through snorkeling is exciting and a bit adventurous. People all over the world are falling prey for the charms of underwater diving. Clear and beautiful water is the primary protocol of snorkeling. There are few spots around the world, which matches the requirement of divers. France is one of these particular places. Climate, water, and under water life forms in France attract tourists from all over the world.

Places to visit:
Saint Raphael- France has a well-stretched coastline and Saint Raphael is the main hotspot in here. It consists of 42-kilometer coastline and offers an opportunity to engage in adventure sports. There are numerous artifacts underwater which vouches for events of history. There are many diving centers in here that suits the need of adult and kids both.
Var Coast- Var coast is one of the most popular diving spot in French Riviera. You would be surprised to see the sunken ships in here that now host the biggest tourist attractions. The fascinating coastline in here and the coral reefs will astound your senses.
Antibes- This diving spot is popular for its multiple depth areas. You will find 6-60 meters of depth areas in this place. There are underwater canyons in here, which offers a chance to witness growing underwater life inside.
Hotel La Residence, Fiesta Americana, Hotel Josse, Hotel Residéal etc are few of the hotels near the diving location of France.