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Christmas Celebrations around the World

Local traditions and culture are different for every country, which means the celebrations for different occasions are also different. Christmas celebrations also follow the same rule. All around the world, the revelry of this occasion is done on the basis of the tradition followed there. However, this festival creates the same magic which works for every native of the country. Decorations and food are an important part of this celebration in every part of the world.
Yuletide Celebrations in Bethlehem
Yuletide Day is observed on 25 December by the Protestants and Roman Catholics, whereas, Syrian, Greek and Orthodox Christians celebrate it on 6th January. 18th January is the date for merriment for Armenians.
Noel Revelry in Australia
Noel is celebrated in Australia on 25 December. At this time of the year, Australians have their summer vacation. So, you cannot expect a snowy Christmas in here. Most of the celebrations are done outdoors. Carols by Candlelight is the most admired public event during this revelry.
Yule Merriment in England
In England also, Yuletide is celebrated on 25th December. The weather is cold, foggy and wet. The tradition of the natives is to hang stockings over the fireplace and bake cookies. Children write their wishes in a letter to Father Christmas and throw that into the fire so that it reaches him.
Christmas Celebrations in France
Merriment starts from 5th December itself, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day. Noels, or French carols are sung on Christmas Eve as the bells of the churches ring. The French have a grand feast after coming from the church, as a part of the celebrations.
Different countries around the world have their own way of celebrating this pious festival. Most of the merriment is based on the tradition of that place.