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Christmas Celebrations in Asia

X-Mas in PhilippiCompared to other countries of the globe, Asian countries have less number of Christian populations. However, when it comes to celebrations, enthusiasm and passion of Asians are no less when compared to people of other countries. Customs like attending mass on Christmas Eve, performing religious services, exchanging gifts amongst friends and relatives, singing carols, decorating Holy tree and your entire house are similar to those that are celebrated in Europe, US and other countries in West.nes:

X-Mas in Philippines:

It is the only country where Christianity is the main religion of the people. Here Christmas celebration starts almost 9 days ahead. Popular mass called Misa de Gallo is organized and it indicates the beginning of Christmas celebration. Exclusive Panunuluyan Pageant is organized on eve of X-Mas where one couple is chosen to enact story of Mary as well as Joseph searching for shelter. On 25th December, mass is organized every hour so that majority of people can participate. Ancient tribal customs like serenading cumbancheros, strolling minstrels are observed. Music, feast and sharing of gifts are integral part of this celebration in Philippines.

Vietnam Christmas Festival:

In this country, Christmas is an important festival since majority of Vietnamese converted to Christianity at times of French rule. Especially in popular cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh people gather on streets to participate in festive event. On 24th December, Vietnamese also attend mass during midnight, go back home to take part in joyful feats along with their loved ones.  It is also a joyful occasion for kids and young people who expect wonderful gifts and presents during this festival time.

Christmas celebration in Indonesia:

Although eight percent of Indonesians are Christians, this winter festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in this country. Turkey, tropical X-Mas tree and other Christmas goodies are sold in different markers during the festival season. In Indonesia, the Christian community also arranges charity events during this time. 

Thailand X-Mas celebration:

In Thailand, December 25th is not a holiday and school, colleges as well as offices are opened on this day. However people celebrate this festival in their own fashion. Kids wear colorful clothes and participate in special activities and games that are mainly arranged on this day. They also sing carols and various Christmas hymns. Christian families decorate their houses, cook special dishes and also invite guests. Merry making, dancing and drinking become vital part of Thailand Christmas celebration.

Besides, people of Singapore, India, Japan and other Asian countries celebrate Yule joyfully.