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Christmas towns in Europe

Christmas in Europe is a magical time. Stores and residential buildings change their regular looks and goes into Christmas mode. The theme is gladly accepted among people and that is what adds an extra charm to the whole procession. Towns of Europe attract a lot of people by their welcoming ambiance. Aside from shopping arcades, traditional delicious food, and well decorated tourist attractions, the warm welcoming embrace of the residents of these towns is the main tourist attraction.

Tourist Attractions:
Vienna, Austria- Vienna has one of the oldest Christmas markets right at the center of the town. Entertaining events start taking place from 25th December and goes on for more than 7 days. Trees in here are decorated with gilded pinecones and ribbons. You would find musicians strolling down the road with their equipments and playing great tunes for you.
Prague, Czech Republic- Twinkling trees beside the road, floating snowflakes and cool breeze is the insignia of this particular town in Christmas. Biggest market in here is in the vast main square and it is running since 10th century. Stores in here carry the rich tradition and handmade articles in here are well crafted with care and skill.
Strasbourg, France- This old market place is up and running since 1570. It is situated in the serene town Strasbourg right beside the biggest Cathedral in France. Ornaments, wooden toys, and handmade decorative items are the special attraction of this market. You can enjoy pretzels and ginger bread in here with your family.
Munich, Germany- When we are talking about beautiful Christmas towns we cannot forget Munich. Hot potato cakes, gingerbread, smoked fish, candied fruitcake etc brings enjoyment to you and gives you a warm feeling of satisfaction. Christmas tree in here is 30 meter high and entertainment events surround the tree every night.
St Moritz Hotel, Cornwall, The Grove, Hertfordshire, The Bell at Skenfrith, The Devonshire Arms, Hotel Victoria, Kandersteg, Switzerland, Hotel Grüner Baum, Bad Gastein, Austria etc.