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Christmas entertainment facilities in Brazil

Brazil is the country of ethnic people. Their culture and traditions differ from others. However, Christianity has built a strong foundation in here. This former Portuguese colony has various Christmas customs, which comes from western roots. Making a bed of straw to compare it with the bed on which baby Jesus first slept, musical presentation of divine presence during that moment etc indicates Christian methods with unique cultural improvisation.

Places to visit:

Wire Opera House at Quarry Park- This opera house hosts most of the theatrical presentations of life stories of Jesus. Architect Domingos Bongestabs designed this special piece of opera. It is round in design and molded with steel. Experts have used polycarbonate material to cover the structure and offer a transparent look to it.

Nativitaten- Nativitaten hosts most spectacular shows during Christmas in Brazil. Singers lead the show and dancing waters maintain rhythm in the process. It takes us to a journey towards history of mankind. Darkness, salvation, and the fight of human kind to salvage through it is the main theme of this event.

Grand Christmas Parade- Natal Luz hosts one of the most popular events in Brazil during Christmas. It shows a nativity scene and skating angles. Plus, accomplices of Santa clause often pop in the show to add color in the process.

Lighting Show- The 8-meter tall Christmas tree right in the middle of Rótula Borges and Hydrangea Road intersection is another tourist attraction in here.

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