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Christmas celebrations in China

Just like western countries, Asians celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm and holiday spirit. Among Asian countries, China takes the crown for their celebration traditions in Christmas. Christmas is not a holiday in China, but people wait to finish their day’s work to enjoy and celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus with their family and friends. The decorations and party events carry resemblance of western culture and celebration traditions but cities like- Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Macau offer a blend of opportunities of entertainment for visitors from all over the world.

Places to visit:
Weiming Lake - Ice skating is a sport and it is tradition to slide on the ice to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Best place to enjoy this sport is Weiming Lake, which is situated at Peking University in Beijing. This lake freezes by the beginning of winter. And the width of ice is safe to slide on it without any chance of injury.
Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park - If you are visiting China with your family and kids, then this place is suitable for you to arrange a family outing. It offers an environment with fake snow and theme parks. This place looks like Christmas wonderland and your kids will love this place.
International Festival Chorus - to enjoy the entertainment events of international standard in China, you need to take a trip to Beijing. Live performances and theatrical events will keep you entertained all week.
Winterfest - Winterfest is the most recognized tourism plan strategized by Hong Kong tourism development office. It offers numerous tourism shows to visitors from around the world. It allows you to enjoy the celebrations and popular events in China.
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