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Christmas at Disney

Magical! You are most likely to utter this word once you enter the Disney World during Christmas season. Though Disney World is a popular recreation centre all round the year, the rush increases many folds during Christmas and New Year. It can be a perfect place for celebrating Christmas.

Having a Nice Time in Theme Parks
Disney World has four theme parks. All the parks are decorated specially for Christmas and New Year. Huge crowd flocks to these parks during December and January . If you want to avoid crowd, visit the parks just after the opening time.

Fun at Hotels and Restaurants
You can also have great fun in your hotel. All the hotels and resorts are exquisitely decorated and ambience is very festive. Some of the hotels also install big Christmas trees at their entrances.

You are invited at Mickey’s Party
How can you miss out the party thrown by your favourite cartoon character? Be a part of Christmas party that features Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters.

Lighting and Decoration
The whole Disney World is decorated with toys, tinsels, stars and other colourful items. But lighting makes this place truly magical. Castles, parks, paths and every nook and corner is decorated with colourful lights.

Visit Disney World this Christmas to be a part of spectacular event in the USA. Irrespective of your age, you will love the place and ambience.