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Christmas Celebration in Africa

Every part of the world has its own way of celebrating Christmas. The same holds true for Africa. This continent never disappoints when it comes to variety. Different African countries have their own typical custom to celebrate this festival.

Christmas in Ghana

Natives of Ghana more or less, follow the same procedure as Americans while celebrating Christmas. The celebration period coincides with harvesting of cocoa. People decorate their house with lights, ornaments and candies. The Christmas Day is marked by a grand feast, church service and parade.

Ethiopia celebrates Christmas Day on January 7

Ethiopia celebrates Christmas Day a bit later than in other places. People celebrate the festival on January 7 as per the ancient Julian calendar. Celebration begins with fasting. On the succeeding days, people indulge in extravagant eating. In Ethiopia people do not exchange gifts. Instead they assemble to participate in sports activities.


Liberians feast on beef, rice and biscuits during Yule celebration. They exchange simple gifts as books, pencils, sweets, fabrics etc.

Yuletide in Congo

Yuletide in Congo is celebrated in a different manner from other African countries. A special kind of dinner is prepared and put outside the house. Friends and relatives are invited to celebrate and dine together. 

If you happen to be in Africa during Christmas you can try celebrating the festival in the local manner. You will love the experience.