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Christmas entertainment locations in Bethlehem

Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus Christ and Christianity. During Christmas, this place offers numerous options for entertainment and enjoyment. Decorations and celebrations during Christmas reflect a hint of various cultures and with sightseeing facilities; Bethlehem is the right place to enjoy the yule. You can visit historical places and learn all about the stories connected with the great redeemer. Casinos and shopping arcades in down town will keep you satisfied during the whole celebration.

Places to visit:

Church of the Nativity- This church attracts a whole lot of visitors from all over the world. This church is made like a fortress on the top of the cave where Jesus was born. Therefore, this place has a religious value to Christians. This church was designed and erected in the time of Roman Emperor Constantine the 1st in 330 CE. Heavy fortifications and historical artifacts in here take visitors to a tour in history.

Rachel's Tomb- As the name suggests this is the burial ground of matriarch Rachel, who was the wife of Jacob. She was the mother of Joseph, which makes it the second best tourist attractions in Bethlehem. You can see the remains of Israeli fortress in here.

Solomon's Pools- This historic pool is capable of holding 160,000 cubic meters of water. Hiking area around this pool goes through 3km from Bethlehem. Beautiful Hortus Conclusus Convent is close to this pool and offers serenity to visitors. There is also a Palestinian Folklore museum where stories of ancient times are displayed on the artifacts.

St Elias Monastery- This ancient Christian monastery is recognized for its orthodox rules and regulations. It was built over Byzantine church and the remains of the previous structure can be found inside and outside of the church.

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