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Christmas entertainment facilities in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo san lucas becomes one of the busiest travel locations during Christmas. Its calm and cool weather, sunny beaches, and celebrations attract visitors from all over the world. Tourist attractions in here get a makeover and wear lighting effects to inspire visitors to have fun.

Things to do:

 Desert Hiking- normally you would not think of it, but in the month of December, the weather here turns cold which would offer you many opportunities to enjoy the hiking with friends, family, or life partner. You can choose from mountain, desert or even town tours.

Canopy Tours- Shopping and enjoying the nightlife is common. But while you are in an exotic cities of Mexico, you could try out canopy tours. In December, temperature here drops to 70s, which would keep you energetic and help you to enjoy the event.

Los Posadas- This celebration that takes place nine days before Christmas. In this event, performers try to display the complications Mary and Joseph faced to find a place in Bethlehem. Members of the performance and Christina community carry a statue of Mary and Joseph together throughout the whole neighborhood.

Nightlife of El Squid Roe- This platform is sheltered under a bright red roof and animated cartoon characters. Neon lights, snake dance through crowd, glowing beers etc add an extra charm to the whole event.

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