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Christmas Celebrations in Caribbean

Christmas is celebrated in the Caribbean by both Christians and non Christians alike. This festival is celebrated on 25th December just like majority of the places. If you want to spend your Yuletide vacation in this place, you must have your suntan lotion handy. You cannot expect a snowy Christmas in the Caribbean. Instead, you can have fun in the sun. Many events are organized during this time period in different destinations of this place.

Yule Revelry in Trinidad and Tobago
Though this two island nation has a sizeable Muslim population, the leading faith is Christianity. Trinidad and Tobago organizes the annual Parang Festival during this time of the year. Traditional folk songs are performed by the costume bands in Spanish Creole. This is in conjunction with the musical instruments like mandolin, box bass, etc.
Merriment in St. Kitts
The major attraction during this time is the St. Kitts National Carnival. While majority of the carnivals take place during Easter, this Carnival starts a day after Christmas, also known as Boxing Day. The traditional J'ouvert party begins this merriment and continues till New Year’s Day. Street parties, traditional celebrations with song, poetry, dance, are a part of this fair.

White Christmas in Cayman Islands
The lack of snow is made up with white sand from the beaches to celebrate a white Yuletide. The tradition is to bring sand from neighboring seashores on moonlit nights and filling up the yards so that Caymanians can welcome Santa to a snowy Yule. Right from Christmas Eve, competition starts among everybody to have the whitest sand yard in the morning.
If you want to have a different Noel this year, you can take part in the Christmas celebrations in the Caribbean.