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Christmas in London

London, the largest city of the United Kingdom, offers an amazing experience to its visitors during the Christmas season. From taking part in Christmas carolling to enjoying exclusive Christmas events, there are lots of choices for tourists. Here are some great aspects of the Christmas celebration in London:

Trafalgar Square&Christmas Tree
Christmas starts in London with the famous annual Norwegian tradition of illuminating the 75-ft high Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree with hundreds of dazzling lights. The Mayor inaugurates the ceremony before 5 in the evening. The presence of the Choir of St. Martin-in-the-Fields makes the entire event an enjoyable one.

Great Christmas Pudding Race
When it comes to celebrating the Christmas in London, this classic event organized at the Covent Garden should never be missed out. Starting from 10 in the morning, the race offers a lot of entertainment to the visitors as all the participants dressed up in Christmas costumes complete an ‘obstacle course’ around the place. Finally, the winner is awarded the wonderful Pudding Trophy and the funds collected from the event are contributed to a local charity.

International Show Jumping
It is another popular way of commemorating Christmas in London. Being an international competition, this show jumping is aired on the semi-autonomous broadcaster BBC and is much loved by the horse riding lovers around the world.

Some other interesting Christmas events in London include Frost fair, King’s College Choir, Boxing Day, and so on.