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Christmas in Mexico

Latin American country Mexico celebrates Christmas mixing and matching their native customs and Christmas traditions. Mexicans celebrate Yule from December 12th till the Eve. Like the rest of the western world, Mexicans decorate their households, offices and neighborhood, prepare delicious gourmets, arrange gatherings and Christmas parties with close friends and relatives, and even visit churches and encourage their kids attending native scenes.

Some flagship Mexican Christmas celebrations are:

  • Pastorelas:  These are theatrical adaptation of the Magi’s visit to see baby Jesus. Pastorales have almost become a Mexican Yule custom since colonization. This was a good medium to teach people about Christian dogma, but later the presentation became lighthearted and entertaining for audience.
  • Villancicos: The Christmas carols are called as Villancicos in Spanish. There are many English carols those are translated in Spanish. The most familiar one is Noche de Paz that is the Spanish version of “Silent Night”.
  • Día de Reyes: This is a special Yule celebration that takes place on January 6th and is known as Epiphany. This day is also called the King’s Day when children receive gifts. This symbolizes the gifts that Magi have brought for the Babe in the Manger. On this auspicious day Mexicans share Rosca de Reyes among friends and family members. This is specially baked sweet bread that is prepared with the shape of the miniature of baby Jesus.

Besides, Nochebuena, Posadas, and Nacimientos are some of the Mexican rituals for celebrating Christmas.