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Christmas in New Zealand

Want to get rid of snow and chilly weather during Christmas? Visit New Zealand and celebrate Christmas in different way.  It is summer time there. Landscape is colorful and sunny, overflowing with beautiful flowers, Christmas cheer and festivals. It is right time to enjoy outdoor activities like diving, balloon riding, paragliding and other exciting activities. No snowball fights and sleigh riding. Experience your Christmas vacation in the midst of sun, dust and heat. Summer festival Christmas celebration in New Zealand is just not about visiting sandy beaches, it is also about experiencing rich culture and tradition.  Many people of New Zealand enjoy Christmas again in the month of July which is winter at that time to enjoy festival in snow as well as chilly temperature.
Be a part of Santa Parades:
Auckland and other towns organize colorful Santa parades. Decorated floats, musical bands and clowns can entertain you and make your vacation special. Such events start from middle of November and continue till the Christmas day.

Enjoy special Christmas meal:
Make friends with New Zealanders and be their guest for exclusive Christmas barbecue dinner. Delicious dishes include ham slices, turkey roast, meat, shrimps and sea food. You can have your favorite deserts. Another option is to enjoy fruit pudding along with custard. In New Zealand, cold deserts like pavlova, meringues, fruit salads, jelly cream are equally popular. Beer, wine and even soft drinks are part of Christmas menu in this country.

Witness special customs and tradition:
New Zealanders celebrate birth of Lord Jesus by performing a special service. Observe this service that evocates the scene of first Christmas in the holy city of Bethlehem and helps you to decipher the right meaning of this festival.

House decoration during X Mas
Do not miss the beautiful shops and houses that are nicely decorated with typical X-Mas images like Santa Clause, Nativity scene, reindeers and so on.

Christmas tree
No pine tree for X-Mas! New Zealanders use pohutukawa trees with wonderful red flowers. Such trees are mainly found in North Island and in coastal areas of the country.

Visit New Zealand during Christmas which is a summer festival in this country. Enjoy its food, colorful parade and Christmas tree decoration.