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Christmas in Paris

Paris, the city of light, looks dazzling throughout the year. It looks grander during Christmas when the entire city is decked with Christmas trees and lights. Err... more lights.

Why You Should Visit Paris during Christmas?

Skating on Eiffel Tower
What can be better than enjoying skating on the Eiffel Tower during Christmas vacation? Yes, the Tower turns into a skating ground. You can take your family to skate on the first level of the Tower.

Christmas Markets
Come December and Paris turns heaven for shoppers. Roads are lined with chalets that sell varieties of items like gifts, Christmas tree, decorative items, artwork, jewellery, sweets and many more. You can find close to a dozen such markets in Paris during the festive season.

Lighting and Decoration
All building, bridges, monuments, churches and roads glitter in the glory of Christmas. Christmas Trees are installed at all places. The city looks no less than fairyland during Christmas and New Year. All the major tourist spots like Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle etc. looks truly spectacular.

Traditional Delicacies
Beef, duck, oysters, cakes, wine, champaign, cakes generally make the content of Christmas menu. You can find huge variety of sea food in most of the restaurants and hotels.

Paris is bound to cast a magical spell on you if you visit here during Christmas and New Year.