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Tourist attractions in Philippines during Christmas

In the arrival of Christmas, when snowflakes cover the western regions of the world, Philippines celebrate this event with the comfort of warmth. This island nation is situated at the Southeast region of Asia. Environment here attracts passionate Christmas tourists from all over the world. If you want to celebrate the longest Christmas vacation this year, Philippines should be your preferred location. Festivities take place in here from September to January. And residents in here welcome passionate tourists from all over the world to take part in their cultural events.

Tourist Attractions:

Simbang Gabi- This is a cultural event that consists of masses of people enjoying the live performances and entertainment options. It goes on for nine nights and story tales that if you finish the nine nights, one of your cherished wishes will come true. Spectacular Christmas decorations cover the streets from where the mass passes on.

Beautiful 'Parols'- These lighting effects help the whole celebration ascend to a higher level. It was originally designed and developed by artisan Francisco Estanislao in the year of 1928. The main two elements of these lighting effects are bamboo and paper. You would not believe without witnessing it by yourself that how beautiful it could look at night.

'Misa de Gallo'- Philippians carry lanterns through the streets, which is called Midnight mass. Authorities shut down the electricity supply in the areas with the consent of the residents. It looks like a flow of light passing through the streets from high rises.

Noche Buena- It is a tradition practiced during Christmas. Families come together and bring food so everyone can share. It looks like a big buffet or a large festive meal, but it is more than that. It teaches people top share and increases the bond of community.

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