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Tourist attractions in Puerto Rico during Christmas

Puerto Rico has a tradition to extend the ceremony of Christmas for long. Celebrations can run through the middle of the January in some cases. The holiday spirit and the entertainment in here follow tradition of Catholic Christian community.

Tourist Attractions:

Despedida de Ano or Ano Viejo- This ceremony takes place in December 31st. Fire crackers and live performances entertain people from midnight till morning. Night parties offer people an opportunity to get away from mundane life style. It is tradition to eat a single grape every time the church bell chimes. Residents believe that it brings good luck to people.

Día de los Inocentes- This carnival takes place in December 28th, and young men and women take part in this celebration dressed as the "evil soldiers of Herod".  People offer gifts and candies to the dressed people as the custom dictates.

Nochebuena- Holiday celebrations are held in December 24th and it is called Nochebuena. This custom is followed in other Latin American countries around the world. The spirit of holiday lies on get togetherness and baking of delicious food. Participants of this celebration share traditional food.


Víspera de Reyes- This celebration is also called El Día de Reyes and it takes place in January 5th. Traditional Catholics get together with rosaries to pray and ask for the blessings of the lord. People cut fresh grass threads and put it in a shoebox for the wise men’s camel.


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