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Christmas traditions in Russia

Russia is recognized for its orthodox religion and unique traditions. People in Russia believe in Jesus Christ and there are more than a hundred churches around the country that reflects the unique culture and traditions of Russia. According to the stories, St. Andrew stopped at the Kievan hills to bless the city of Kiev. So, this ceremony plays a major role in the culture of Russia.

Traditional Features:

 Food- Russians believe in togetherness and this ceremony signifies their communal bond. The level of extravagance of food quality depends on the financial status of a family. Hot roast Pirog, pelmeni, meat pies, and helpings of cabbage are the most common food items in this celebration.

Songs and carols- Children practice caroling for months before Christmas. At the appointed hour children walk through the streets and visit every house in their neighborhood singing magical songs about the life and death of Lord Jesus.

Decorations- Russians decorate their Christmas tree with little china dolls and candies. Oak logs, branches, and leaves are used in decoration of the house. Russians use beautiful lighting effects to decorate their house in this holy Eve.

Christmas Games- Fortune-telling games, guessing games, and role-playing games are popular in Russia. People in here also love to visit to churches for peace and blessings for the future days.

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