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Christmas Celebrations in Egypt

Though Egypt is an Islamic country, still Christmas is celebrated here following the old traditions. Egyptians celebrate this festival on 7th January that is better known as Coptic Christmas. This African country holds the enriched account of birth of the Son of God. Infant Jesus with his Holy Family stayed in this pious land for some time. The Coptic Christians have their separate Pope who stays here and he carries the responsibilities of St Mark who spread Christianity in Egypt. He is considered as the first Pope in the Coptic Cult.
Today, Egyptians love to continue their rich tradition of this religious festival by celebrating the festival partying, offering gifts, dining and dancing. The Christian Egyptians fast from November 25th till the day of Christmas. Those who keep the fast, avoid meat and any kind of dairy products. The families clean up their households, shops and decorate the places with Christmas trees, wreaths and handmade paper crafts.
Egyptians prepare a variety of cuisine those are especially for Yule celebrations. The flagship Yuletide Egyptian cuisine is prepared with meat and rice. The traditional home made Christmas biscuits- Kahk is famous across this region. Egyptians love giving and receiving special Yuletide gifts.