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Christmas Celebrations in Japan

Christmas in Japan is celebrated in 25th December but it is not a national holiday. If the day of celebration turns out to be a weekend then people start to arrange events and decorations for the ceremony. Yuletide is considered to be one of the most commercial events in Japan. Lighting effects, decorations, and entertainment options in Japan entertains people and attracts millions of tourists from around the world.

Places to visit:
National park - Small islands near Hokkaido's northern region create an unspoiled peninsula for a huge national park. During Christmas, this park wears new themes. This place is great for kids as the distraction and entertainment options in here are suitable for kids. Kids will love to take candies from Santa while watching rare and beautiful animals.
Scenic temple - It may sound a bit more educating than you want during this celebration but according to the tourist guides and passionate travelers, this place offers a lot to learn and enjoy during Christmas. Most of the equipments and displayed items wear Yule theme, which adds extra charm to the event.
Bonenkai - It is a party that is organized to forget the old year and welcome the new one. It takes place in almost every part of Japan. The stores are filled with beautifully decorated and deliciously baked cakes and cadies.
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