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Christmas Vacation Destinations in Alaska

 Alaska and Christmas are synonymous with each other. This place is the epitome of white Yule. If you are determined enough to face the chill, nothing can be better than celebrating this festival in this northernmost part of the world. Santa Claus House in North Pole is where the kids sent their letters to St. Nick. The major attraction is the Aurora Borealis which is visible in a clear sky.  Yuletide is celebrated in here on 25th December, but celebrations starts from the end of November and continues till January 6.

Top Destinations to Visit in Alaska
• Palmer
Many events are organized in this town during this festive season. It is located in the northwest of Anchorage. Christmas Parade is conducted and float winners are chosen annually at this time. Smoosh races, where four individuals of a team have to attach 2” by 4” 8 ft board to their feet and finish a race of 50 yards.
• North Pole
Apart from Santa Claus House, you will also find lots of events where kids can really have fun. In the Kid’s Park, you can view larges slides and a maze made of ice. A popular event is the ‘Christmas in Ice’, where a craft fair and ice carving competition is held. It begins on November’s last weekend.
• Fairbanks
When in Fairbanks, you can take a train ride at the Tanana Valley Railroad Museum which is located at the Pioneer Park. However, the major attraction of this place is the Northern Lights. You will get a breathtaking view of this magical show of lights in here, provided the sky is clear.
You can take part in various activities like snowboarding, dog sledding, skiing in the Alpine regions and in different other places as well. But, before you plan a Yule trip to Alaska, make sure you are well prepared to beat the extreme chill of this place.