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Vacation Destinations in Arizona

 Home to the red rocks and Grand Canyon, Arizona is an ideal place for a vacation. Besides spectacular scenery, it also offers amazing opportunity for wide range of adventurous activities to vistors.

Major Tourist Destinations in Arizona
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon is the most famous place in Arizona. This magnificent landscape, carved by the River Colorado, is around 1800 metres deep. It is a part of Grand Canyon National Park. You take a tour of the national park by bus, helicopter and aeroplane. You can also camp here.
Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Are you all set to enjoy some adventure? Colossal Cave Mountain Park can be your calling. Make sure you are fit enough to negotiate the trails of the Cave Mountain Park.
Lake Powell
Lake Powell is an amazing place for camping and fishing. You can also rent a houseboat if longer stay is on your mind. You can also enjoy horse riding and hiking at Lake Powell.
Tonto National Monument
Tonto National Monument is a preferred location for people who want serious hiking experience. It has amazing cliffs to explore. 
Some other places that are worth visiting in Arizona are Arizona Science Center, Four Corners Monument, Biosphere 2, Funtasticks Family Fun Park and many more.