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Christmas Celebration in California

Holiday beers, parties, Cornish decorations, carolers and unlimited fun - that is California for you on Christmas. Though you’ll miss the snow, the lights, general festivities and traditional customs everything else gives you a unique sense of peace and enjoyment.

California is marked as one of the richest places on earth and it is expected that people celebrate the fabulous occasion magnificently. Some people spend their Christmas in their private Yacht while some visit the five star hotels and resorts where the organizers keep provisions for excellent cognacs, special Christmas gourmets and of course musical concerts or dance performances. Few hotels and ships organize special ball room dance parties during Christmas in California.
Disneyland’s Christmas Celebrations: Disney world is one of the greatest attractions in California during Christmas. All the favorite characters from Mickey to Shrek are found in the parade. The Haunted Mansion and It’s a small world are decorated with extra care during Yule. Kids and even elders have a great time here.
Brace bridge Dinners: Those who love to explore historical places actually hop in to the Yosemite's Ahwahnee Hotel banquet room. This place is transformed into 17th century English mansion and guests here are welcomed with drinks and cuisines of that era with a trendy twist.
Vacationers besides the local residents enjoy themselves at their best when they are in California during Christmas.