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Christmas Celebrations in Canada

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Kwanza! Christmas in Canada is a blend of cultures, folklores, and rituals; and is exclusive in its own way. Cities come alive with ‘festival of lights’, carol singing competitions, shopping bonanzas, dance, drama, recitals and more.

Christmas Traditions
While 6th January is considered as the birth date of Jesus Christ by the Armenian Apostolic Church, Canadian Christians commemorate the event on 7th January. Different provinces in Canada have made their ways of Christmas celebration special by incorporating their own customs and traditions in it. ‘Masked mummers’ in Nova Scotia, ‘crches’ in Quebec, decoration with ice sculptures in Labrador City, etc. are some unique aspects of the carnival. Canadians also love to exchange gifts during this time, which might include toys, clothing, chocolates, wine, etc.

Christmas Food
Canadian Christmas celebration remains incomplete without sumptuous foods. People love to spend the Christmas Eve in a traditional way by indulging in roasted turkey stuffed with eggs, ham or pancakes, spicy mandarin or orange snacks with cranberry sauce, Christmas plum, butter tarts, and a range of desserts.

Christmas Baking Parties
Cookie baking party is another specialty of Christmas celebration in Canada. Many families throw such baking parties at home where a delicious Christmas cake is baked and several tasty cookies are exchanged with guests.

La Fete du Roi
This special event is arranged by the people of Quebec on the Eve of Christmas. According to the custom, a cake is baked with a bean inside it and the person who can find it out is called the ‘Queen’ or ‘King’ of the day.

In short, Christmas in Canada is more of a community carnival than a sacred one.