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Vacation Destinations in the Caribbean

 Caribbean attracts millions of tourists from different countries all round the year. When it’s Christmas and New Year, the tourism industry in the Caribbean gets a boost. Though most of the popular islands form their own country or federation still some few islands are part of the United States. Therefore, you don’t need passport (if you are an US citizen) to visit these islands.

Major Tourist Destinations in the Caribbean (US)
US Virgin Islands
The US Virgin Islands have four major islands- Water Island, Saint John, Saint Thomas and Saint Croix, besides many small ones. The islands also house some well maintained gardens such as Botanical Garden (Saint John), St. George Village Botanical Garden (St. Croix), St. George Village's Museu and St. Peter Great House. It also has number of historical sites that attracts many visitors.
Puerto Rico
If US Virgin Islands don’t fit into vacation plan, you can also consider visiting Puerto Rico. This place has more variety to offer in terms of colonial towns, rainforest, coffee plantation, beaches and great dining experience. Scuba diving and forest trail are very popular here.
Don’t miss scuba diving at Puerto Rico or coral reefs at the Virgin Islands. Are you ready to break out of your monotonous routine?