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Christmas in Costa Rica

Ticos, the original inhabitants of Costa Rica have been celebrating Christmas since 1601. Governor Don Vasquez de Coronado first organised the festivities and declared Christmas day a national holiday. In Costa Rica, people start celebrating Yule from December 16th and they start the festival with three consecutive parades. The theme of these parades is The Babe in the Manger. The Posada and La Portal have important place during the yuletide celebrations.

How do Costa Ricans (Ticos) Celebrate Christmas?

  • Native Scene: Like Mexicans, Ticos celebrate Yule with Posadas and La Portal or the manger. They create a native scene with Posadas, manger, plants, mosses, sawdust, twigs, and so on. Kids love to collect these things to decorate their native scenes for Christmas. Three magi, baby Jesus, Joseph and mother Mary are found as small dolls in the native scenes that take almost half of the living room of households.
  • El Tope: This is a beautiful parade where showy horses and beautiful horses are found on roads. The carts are symbolic in Costa Rica where people are since 1840. This parade is kind of revisiting the local history.
  • El Carnival: The Christmas Carnival is very attractive in this region. People wear lovely dresses and put on excellent make up to make the carnival more jazzy and gorgeous.