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Christmas tourist attractions in Mexico

Mexico hosts one of the biggest Christmas celebrations around the world. Carnivals, shopping arcades, ethnic entertainment, and the environment in here attract people from different corners of the world. Those who seek to get away from cold and damp weather, visit Mexico during Christmas. Rural and unexplored areas offer a sense of solitude and excitement to the passionate tourists.

Tourist Attractions:

Oaxaca- This place is the blend of colonial and ethnic traditions. Art, architecture, clothing and cuisine of this place bears the reflection of multiple cultures. You would not find any Christmas bells or traditional parties in here. Christmas in Oaxaca focuses on communal bond and togetherness.

Condesa and Roma- These two towns are famous for their Christmas high spirits. Community centers in here are standing since the time of colonial establishment. Street markets are filled with handcrafted souvenirs and decorating items. Performers light up the stage every night in here during the Christmas with their intense and entertaining artistic performance.

Zócalo plaza- You can spend time in Zocalo plaza in here. This place is famous for its historical significance. It is situated beside the great and popular Cathedral of Mexico and Aztec temple. Floating gardens in here look beautiful on the event of Christmas. Mariachi bands on boats would surely entertain you while you enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.


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