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Baltimore Wedding Locations

Baltimore, one of the most significant seaports as well as industrial centers in the United States of America, is also famous for a number of beautiful wedding locations. Whether it is an indoor marriage ceremony or an outdoor wedding celebration, Baltimore can offer the best experience for everything.  

Catering By Uptown

Catering By Uptown is basically an exclusive Villa used for arranging large grand wedding ceremonies as well as receptions. It is a perfect destination for couples who prefer cozy places styled like Mediterranean hideaways for their weddings.

Historic Kent Manor Inn

It is another famous wedding location in Baltimore offering wonderful ambience, first-class facilities, amazing services and outstanding waterfront views. Lovers can make turn special days into the most successful ones by organizing the marriage events at the Historic Kent Manor Inn.

Elkridge Furnace Inn

When it comes to the best wedding venues in Baltimore, the Elkridge Furnace Inn can never be ignored. Awesome backdrop and attractive interior are two biggest attractions of the place. Holding marriage ceremonies at the Elkridge is definitely a good idea for couples.

Celebrations at The Bay

‘Celebrations at the Bay’ is a dramatic place with elegant setting and incredible Chesapeake Bay views. It is ideal for arranging outdoor wedding ceremonies. The entire area can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Some other famous wedding locations in Baltimore are Sheraton National Hotel and Resorts, Baltimore Tremont Grand, Clipper City Tall Ship, etc.