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More about Chicago Wedding Destinations

Chicago is a beautiful place and the long stretched shoreline of Lake Michigan adds an extra charm to its natural beauty. Arranging a wedding in here is easy because of the locations and natural ambiance of this place. Whether you want a traditional ceremony in a church or a customized wedding of your dreams, top venues in Chicago will surely satisfy you.


Bridgeport art Centre- This wedding venue is located on the 1200 W. 35th Street Chicago. What makes this location better than others is its area, which nearly covers more than 3,000 sq. ft. It is well decorated with popular sculptures, fabric art, paintings etc.

Loft on Lake- This location is becoming one of the most famous places for private parties and wedding. The area is specially designed for art shows and private arrangements. So, it offers an alternative experience to the wedding couple and the attendees.

Gallery 1028- It is located on Goose Island. Its interior is as beautiful and its exterior. Skylights, vaulted ceiling, wood beams, and exposed brick give this place an unforgettable ambiance. It covers 4,000 sq. Ft of area, which is helpful for arrangements like weddings.

Four Seasons Hotel- Arranging a wedding on the sky top mansion of a luxurious hotel extends the importance of the ceremony. Decorations and aesthetic presentations in here satisfy wedding couples beyond expectations.

Chicago hotels and wedding venues offer extraordinary facilities to wedding couples. The decoration, services, and location of these venues add an extra charm to the whole ceremony.